COLLWEB is a global network of collectors that builds a community of people who appreciate the value of art, cars, watches and real estate.

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We connect collectors of art, watches, cars and real estate dealers.

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COLLWEB offers a secure tool to manage private and public collections and Members can present and offer valuable assets to the international COLLWEB network.

Galerie Heidefeld & Partner

"True art will always explore new avenues. In our digital age, the challenge to meet new opportunities is becoming more and more critical in the art business - and we would like to break new ground. With COLLWEB."

Nadja Zikes, international artist

"Presenting my art work on COLLWEB has greatly enhanced its international visibility and my sales have grown significantly since I joined."

Galerie Alex Schlesinger

"I am glad to be working with the extremely innovative COLLWEB platform. It enables me to show the works of art of my artists to an art loving audience at home and abroad. "

Heinz-Peter Schepp,
international photographer

"Since I joined COLLWEB, the level of international interest in my work has been rising steadily. I was able to establish many new valuable contacts in the art scene and membership has also led to new opportunities for participation in exhibitions and fairs."


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