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Anna McDermott

I create Fine Metal Art paintings and sculptures that respond to surrounding light which dances across compositions to create movement. Each piece is a unique expression that uses deep iridescent textures beneath ultra smooth surfaces, with colours tensioned to reflect and interact. Testimonials can be seen here

My style is influenced by the Art Nouveau period, such as the beautiful organic lines used by Tiffany, Lalique jewellery, Fabergé and Mucha. The techniques I've developed allow the relief panel paintings and sculptures I create, to have an opulent, timeless jewel like quality, classical yet with a contemporary feel. They interact with their environment, catching ambient light, giving the impression of being alive with movement.

Quality and authenticity are paramount in my ethos and process is as important as concept. So I take time with each piece, to achieve excellence and create a unique expression crafted to be enjoyed for centuries.