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Armin Strom Swiss Watch Manufacture

Our principle is simple: We show what we make.

Since 2009, the movements are all produced in-house in Biel/Bienne.  A significant part of creating the product’s value takes place within the company.

The essence of a successful company is akin to the structure of a watch. On the inside is the movement, the core that drives the whole construction: a multiplicity of small parts seamlessly meshing together to operate as a perfect whole. These various interactions are surrounded by a case that not only provides an appropriate frame but also creates a reliable connection with the outside world.

Together with other elements, the casing creates a bridge for the wearer or – if in business – to customers and partners. In good watches, as in effective companies, all these parts must be perfectly matched.

At Armin Strom, a highly qualified and dedicated team invests an incredible amount of enthusiasm and passion to transform our watches into a unique brand.

Motivated by continually finding new directions, every one of our employees contributes to making the fantastic possible, without losing sight of the essentials. In doing so, we are able to continually offer those that wear Armin Strom watches the highest level of authenticity.


Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 33/100
Armin Strom Gravity Water - Limited Edition 16/100
Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 24/100
Armin Strom Gravity Earth Limited Edition Number 13/100